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Which Brand do You Trust with Your Summer?

Everything looks shiny and perfect on the showroom floor. But reliability on the water is the #1 concern with owners. This makes buying a boat different than almost any other product purchase. A comprehensive warranty is vitally important when you want zero down time and 100% fun times. Choose a dealer you trust, and a brand you can rely on.

If you’ve researched the used boat market, you know pre-owned MasterCraft are in demand and retain higher resale values where other brands depreciate. As a bonus, this also means MasterCraft owners are able to level-up to the latest model because they get top dollar for their trade-in boat.

Below are just a few of the reasons that make MasterCraft owners the reason why thousands of people trust MasterCraft with their summers.


Trust MasterCraft with your summer

Yes, price is important—and no doubt there are bargains to be had on the showroom floor feeding frenzy. But savvy buyers know there’s price, and there’s value. Through experience, they will question the savings if it costs them fivefold in compromise.

As you look at boats, consider the overall ownership experience, brand reputation, features, innovations and the model that is the best choice for your family. Your free time on the water is the most valuable part of the equation. Which brand do you trust with your summer?

And taking an even longer view—a low price often indicates cheap build quality or a market saturated with low-demand models as manufacturers throw big incentives at consumers. Either way, a boat that doesn’t hold its value means the owner gets stuck with that discounted price when it’s time to sell or trade-in the boat.



Finding the right boat starts with the way you’ll use it. Do your tastes run classic, or more progressive? Which model matches the size, sport capability, seating configuration, style and set of features that you need?

From family-centric fun to pro-level performance, MasterCraft has the largest product portfolio in the industry: 11 boats strong. More models than any other brand means regardless of which specialty boat you choose, we have one in the perfect size with features for your needs. Each is completely customizable with an array of comfort, convenience, performance and style options.




MasterCraft was the first brand to introduce a five year warranty.
Subsequently, several other manufacturers introduced warranty logos to create confusing similarity. However, don’t be fooled. Graphic design is easy to copy.
The difference becomes evident when you read the fine print in their warranties. Riddled with convoluted language and conditional terms, this is bad news for the consumer when it comes time to file a claim. The burden of coverage is passed from manufacturer onto their component supplier—the guys who made the trailer, engine, electronics or whatnot.
With MasterCare, there is no ambiguity. It covers everything bow to sternon the boat for five years except paint and corrosion. We never hand off the boat owner to a third party. Period.


Factory Backed If a problem occurs there are no intermediaries, no pass-off to component suppliers or an aftermarket insurance company. Issues are resolved immediately through our award-winning concierge service, recipient of the industry’s highest ranking for customer satisfaction.

FULLY TRANSFERRABLE Our five year coverage is double the length of the competitors, and it’s fully transferrable. The transferrable warranty adds an
average of $2500 to the value of a used MasterCraft.

BOW TO STERN The engine, the touchscreen, the ballast system, the stereo, the carpet, the prop, the seats, the instrument gauges…every single
element of your boat right down to the screws is covered, with
two exceptions: trailer paint and gelcoat corrosion. Nobody in
the industry can top it.


The reason MasterCraft can offer such a solid warranty is not because you’ll need it…in fact it’s quite the opposite. We are so confident our boats are built better that we’re able to back them up with an unprecedented guarantee. Not all boat buyers are motivated enough to trace a product back to its source, but knowing a little about how it was made will indicate how it will perform.

As you step inside a boat, pay close attention to how solid it feels. Tug on the tower and see if it flexes. Open the storage and look beneath the seats. Bounce on the floor. Pull on the throttle. Plastic-chrome parts and rattly interiors are indicators
that the manufacturer used low grade components or assembly methods to keep costs down.

Would you like to see how MasterCraft boats are built?  Click Here to see the factory tour/MasterCraft boat building process.  Are you going to be in Tennessee?  You can take the tour in person.  Call 423-884-2221 to schedule your factory tour.


NXT Hightlight_10
Look carefully at the content list on your boat. Many manufacturers start with a low base price to get your attention…often these models are so basic they require a lot of “optional equipment” to achieve the comfort, performance and convenience most customers demand.
Suddenly that low base price quickly spikes. MasterCraft come standard with amazing features other manufacturers consider optional equipment—or can’t even match because of their construction methods.

  • MASTERCARE WARRANTY Is the industry’s only five year, fully transferrable, comprehensive bow to stern warranty that includes all components. Factory backed.
  • BRIGHT-DIPPED BILLET ALUMINUM Looks better and lasts longer than faux finishes or painted parts.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT SEATS  With the sturdiest rotocast construction, thickest foam and10% more material than competitors.
  • MAXIMUM PUNCTURE-RESISTANCE VINYL looks great longer. We’re the only brand on the water with 150psi resistant backing. Compare to 70psi rated vinyl on most competitor’s seats.
  • JL AUDIO SYSTEM Is ready to rock, rated at 2000 hours of use without fatigue. This is quadruple the industry standard for usage.
  • HEAVY DUTY BALLAST PUMPS Heavy metal with high output made by Jabsco, up to 500% faster operation time than flimsy plastic bilge pumps.
  • 30% MORE FIBERGLASS Is jig-cut and applied throughout every boat. Others simply reinforce stress points and use the cheapest grade glass.
  • A GRID LINER SYSTEM Locks the hull inside a structurally reinforced backbone. Other brands use stringers, prone to torsional flex and a noisier ride.
  • SEALED ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS With tinned copper wiring for ten times the lifespan. MasterCraft is the only brand in the industry with this feature.
  • MORE FUNCTIONAL STORAGE Is found in MasterCraft than any other towboat brand. Look carefully at usable, horizontal storage, not impractical vertical storage
  • ZERO FLEX TOWERS With swiveling board racks and fold-back convenience.
  • UNBEATABLE PULLING POWER With Ilmor engines, the most advanced inboard powerplants.
  • GAS-ASSISTED SHOCKS On all underseat lockers give one-handed access to storage.


Some buyers base their surf boat purchase on the size of the wave. The thinking goes something like: “big wave equals best boat.” If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered as the GEN2 Surf System produces massive waves. However, it’s 2015 and we’re in a new era of features to consider. Ease of operation, waves tuned to ability levels, safety and efficiency—Here’s what earned GEN2 an NMMA Innovation Award… Click here to learn more about the GEN2 Surf System


Don’t waste your time wading through misinformation. Check Your Facts.

NXT Hightlight_09Two key areas you’ll want to focus on: your power plant and your surf system. All information sourced from publicly available California Air Resources Board, official Indmar and Ilmor websites and a 2014 independent surf system study by Jim Dowd and Dr. Steve Zalek at the University of Michigan Marine Hydrodynamics Lab.

  • 85% FEWER WARRANTY CALLS Ilmor engines get 85% fewer warranty calls compared to when MasterCraft used Indmar engines.
  • ULTRA-LOW EMISSION RATINGS All Ilmor engines achieve ultra-low emission ratings from California Air Resources Board (CARB), the strictest emission standards in North America.
  • 30 YEARS Ilmor brings three decades of racing experience to the table, including 313 victories.
  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR MASTERCRAFT  ILMOR: custom built exclusively for MasterCraft. Each is precision tuned for the exact MasterCraft model. INDMAR: built with off the shelf parts, installed stock in numerous brands.
  • MOST POWERFUL The Ilmor 7.4L is the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in a towboat.
  • MORE HORSEPOWER The Ilmor 6.0L and 6.2L both offer more horsepower than the Indmar at a comparable size. Indmar’s 6.2L Raptor 400 V8 is nearly beaten in torque and horsepower by the smallest Ilmor 5.7L V8.
  • MOST RELIABILITY The Ilmor 5.7L provides industry-leading horsepower at its block size and the most reliability in any marine engine ever built.
  • 15% LOWER RPM SPEED Under surf conditions, MasterCraft boats operate at up to a 15% lower RPM speed. This means better fuel efficiency and less engine wear and tear.
  • 67% MORE FUEL EFFICIENT Under surf conditions, MasterCraft boats are up to 67% more fuel efficient than Malibu boats.
  • $2625 IN SAVINGS Because Ilmor engines are up to 67% more fuel efficient than Indmar engines when set up for surfing, that translates into a savings of $2625 per 100 hours on the water.
  • LARGEST ENGINE, LESS CARBON MONOXIDE The largest recreational Ilmor marine engine releases less carbon monoxide than the smallest Indmar block.
  • 95.8% CLEANER Under surf conditions MasterCraft boats release up to 95.8% less carbon monoxide than comparable Malibu or Axis boats.
  • 5 STEPS VS. 11 STEPS MASTERCRAFT NXT Surf System requires 5 steps to surf. AXIS A22 with Surf Gate requires 11 steps to surf.
  • 24% MORE WAVE ENERGY GEN2 Surf System creates up to 24% more wave energy (measured in rider push) than Surf Gate on Malibu and Axis boats.
  • OUTPERFORMED SURF GATE GEN2 outperformed Surf Gate on every Malibu and Axis model in every boat size class.

Ask an Owner


We know that our customers are our biggest fans.  Do you have questions?  Ask a MasterCraft owner what they think about their MasterCraft.  We hear praises time and time again about MasterCraft Quality, performance, and reliability. Praises com from owners who have only owned MasterCrafts to new owners who have switched from other brands, MasterCraft has the best brand loyalty in the business.



Get into your dream boat NOW: Custom built for you, outfitted with all the right accessories to elevate your game. Come see our large selection of 2015 MasterCrafts, or click below to see our inventory online.

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