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WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED FOR WINTER Your boat has worked hard for you this summer taking your family wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, and tubing. Now is the time for you to give back. Whether you have a new boat or used boat, let us pamper your boat and prepare it for the harsh Utah winter ahead with Utah Water Sport's Winterization Combos and Storage deals. Our Winterization Combos include 2 options:  Winterization/Summerization combo, and Winterization/Summerization wtih Impeller Change combo. MasterCraft recommends that your boat's impeller be changed every season.  Click here to see what happens when you drive your boat with a worn-out impeller. Our Winterization combos are for inboard boats only. Utah water Sports has got you covered for every aspect of off-season winter storage. Are you storing your boat outside? We offer boat Shrink Wrap which comes with de-humidifiers to keep the inside of your boat moisture and mold free.  Want to baby your boat even more and clear out your garage? We offer


Avoid Engine Damage Due to a Bad Impeller
DOES YOUR IMPELLER LOOK LIKE THIS?   WHAT DO IMPELLERS DO? Impellers pump cold water into your boat's engine to cool it down while in use. If you have a bad impeller it can cause big problems. HOW DO IMPELLERS BECOME DAMAGED? Your boat's impeller is a series of rubber vanes molded around a hub. The tips of these flexible vanes can wear out for many reasons due to simple use or if the boat is in sandy water. Abrasive sandlike material can cause the impeller to wear out faster. Impellers can also wear out by becoming stiff and brittle due to the motor sitting unused for several seasons or being exposed to heat. Water lubricates the impeller, and if it's run dry, the impeller can be ruined in a few seconds. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE IMPELLER FAILS? If your impeller fails, the pump can't pump cool water to the engine causing your engine to overheat. If you catch that your impeller is failing early on, you might avoid major problems. However, if you're not fortunate enough to catch a bad impeller, the results can be catastrophic to your engine. WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A BAD IMPELLER? The general rule is to have your impeller changed every year - the best time being during your Summerization service appointment. If you suspe [...]
WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR BOAT WON'T START Does your boat not start? Our MasterCraft technicians give some helpful solutions that will keep you from being stranded in the water.

Having Boat Electrical Issues?

Here's A Simple Solution To Common Electrical Issues On Your Boat
Utah Water Sports puts customer care first so we find any way we can to help give MasterCraft owners helpful service tips!  Have you experienced boat electrical issues and quicker battery depletion?  Your boat's Voltage Sensitive Relay system could be the issue.  Our MasterCraft technicians offer a solution to keep your electrical system performing correctly. 

VSRDue to numerous changes in the dual-battery systems over the years, we have asked MasterCraft to clarify the proper way to use each setting to solve common electrical issues.

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